About Us

Movezen is a company that specializes in the production of furniture made of pinus for the national market since 1989. In 2005 we implemented a new industrial unit with modernized structure, aiming to meet the international market demands, so, with all this, Movezen Furniture Industry Ltd gave its emergence.


We are exporting our products since 2006 to the European and North-American markets. Now a days, we export about 50% of all the production, and the United Kingdom is our main customer. In our production process we use 100% reforested wood of our own reforestation.


The company is responsible for the planting and monitoring of the pine saplings, also for the extraction of logs. The logs' cutting, the sawn wood's drying and the furnitures' production, these all are made inside of our facilities, therefore we can ensure a grater quality control of the furniture we produce.


Our mission is to produce social and environmental responsability quality furniture, and we are committed to ours customers expectations, as well as our employees are.


We are known as a committed and responsible furniture industry. We stand out for the technology use and the committed employees who are always comitted to our customers satisfaction.

Practiced Values

- Respect.

- Trust.

- Responsibility.