Meet the Movezen

Reforested Pines Forest

All the wood used in the furniture production are from reforestation, that are extracted from our own pinus forest.

Transport and Logs Storage

Own machines and space for the storage of logs located in their seat.


Movezen own machines and qualifieds employees work the logs for the next step.

Wood’s cutting step

At this step, the logs are turned into boards.

Waste Recycling

All the waste is collected, pooled and reused, preserving the environment.


In the boiler, the boards get warmed. This process is made to remove the boards’ moisture.

Wood Treatment

At this production stage, the boards are standardized and aligned in the storage.

Treated Wood

In its own storage, the boards wait the final finish.

Ready Wood

When the wood is already aligned and measurement, in the production line, they wait the pigmenting, assembling and packing stage.

Pigmentation Sector

The colouring and varnish application give the final finish to the furniture.

Mounting and Finishing Sector

In this process, the furniture is packed and finished.

Packaging Sector

This is the final process. In this sector, the furnitures are packed, stocked and ready for distribution.